How it works
    1. Frequency:

      Each club will determine the frequency of Snow Stars evaluation based on the number of days their programs operate. It is generally recommended that coaches assess skiers at the beginning, middle, and end of the club program.


    1. Training:

      A CSCF certified ski coach will teach skills through active, guided play and will support "show" and "do" activities. The Snow Stars program contains seven (7) steps that outline key skills required for skier to progress from the beginner to the athletic skier, and eventually to learn the basic tactical skills needed to be a ski racer. These skills match the entry-level progression model – according to the "Skier Essentials" and "Train to Train" phases outlined in AIM 2 WIN – and are considered to be the building blocks for ski racers.


    1. Reward:

      The Snow Stars program involves ongoing assessments, and many clubs provide written reports for parents and athletes to celebrate successes and to set learning goals. Certificates are given when an athlete achieves the minimum standard for each of the seven steps in the Snow Stars program.


  1. Assessment:

    A certificate will be given at the end of the year. The system assesses on a scale of "Bronze", "Silver, and "Gold".

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