Plan a session

Enthusiastic and well-prepared coaches play an integral role in the delivery of this program by combining coaching creativity with the Snow Stars resources. Your job is to develop the children's knowledge of on-snow skills – both technically and tactically.

Effective coaches will create a safe learning environment and allow the children to learn through task teaching and/or guided discovery.


  • SAY IT = auditory learners
  • SHOW IT = visual learners
  • DO IT = kinesthetic learners

Coaches must employ a variety of coaching methods in order to accommodate the various learning styles of the children. The coach facilitates the class to make movements easy to acquire, then acts as an observer who provides timely and relevant feedback. The coaches' instructions must match each child's style of learning in order for skill acquisition to take place.

Begin by reviewing the Snow Stars benchmarks with your club and peer coaches. Once this has been accomplished, we suggest you conduct a skill assessment of your children early in the season using the benchmarks as an on-snow guide. The assessment will provide you with the level of where your group is within the Snow Stars program.

Use the program to help you plan your season and to identify your goals (some of the skills you want to achieve) for the year. Without a plan, it will be difficult for you to know where you want to be at the end of the season, and whether you have met or surpassed your goals.

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