Coaches' Info

The coaches' role in these " Golden Years of Learning" is so important that the World class athletes and all round sports people in our society today would not exist had they not been fortunate enough to have optimal preparation during their childhood. Enthusiastic and well-prepared coaches play an integral role in the delivery of this program by combining coaching creativity with the Snow Stars resources. Your job is to expose and develop the children's knowledge of the skills in all areas of the progression. Effective coaches will create a safe learning environment and allow the children to learn through task teaching and/or guided discovery.

Coaches must employ a variety of coaching methods in order to accommodate the various learning styles of the children. The coach facilitates the class to make movements easy to acquire, then acts as an observer who provides timely questions to the children and relevant feedback. The coach's instructions must match each child's style of learning in order for skill acquisition to take place.

Begin by reviewing the Snow Stars task progression with your club, peers and head coach. Use the program to help you plan your season and to identify your goals (some of the skills you want to achieve) for the year. Without a plan, it will be difficult for you to know where you want to be at the end of the season, and whether you have met or surpassed your goals.

Coaches with their head coaches will need to cooperate with the resorts to enable the setting of some of the tasks that require hill space. Plan well in advance of when you will train and assess the drills requiring course sets.

Club head coaches and program coaches should take note that some of the physical tasks will require off hill activity. It is important that the tasks are experienced at least 2 times in the year if it is not possible during winter.

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